Aya is definitely one of my very favorite yoga teachers.

In each of the many classes with her, I discovered new things.

She was always in a good mood and gave helpful adjustments.

I especially miss her enthusiasm in view of her students progress.

Sabin B, dancer and student @B.Yoga

Aysa was a great teacher, I looked forward to her classes every Monday in Basel. As an inexperienced beginner she was very helpful in correcting poses and offering advice on how to improve. Her energetic smiley personality was contagious. I will miss her classes!

Justine K, student @BikramYoga Basel

Aysa is a truly special teacher! Her classes are inventive, original, educational and fun! She's passionate about your progression and is genuinely filled with pride when you've achieve a new pose or reached a goal you'd set out to conquer.


Balance is something I'm not 100 percent confident with due to having multiple sclerosis and therefore was concerned I'd fall or hurt myself however Aysa constantly supported me not just physically but emotional hence why I now have a confidence in my ability as a yogi! 

Grace S, singer and student @B.Yoga

I came to yoga late in life and found my flexibility somewhat less than many of my younger class mates.  What a joy to have Aysa as a teacher!  I have never come across anyone so *genuinely* excited about every little movement, every minor progression, every personal triumph.  Sometimes I felt like she was my personal cheerleader at a world sporting final! I do not do yoga to ‘be’ anything, or to ‘achieve’ anything, but the journey to being more fully me has been a joy with her tips, energy and beautiful encouragement.  She is a rare treasure and a precious soul

Carl E, student @ B.Yoga

Aysa is a great teacher. She always made our yoga lessons incredibly enjoyable and relaxed. I was a complete beginner when I first started going to Aysa's classes. She was very encouraging and helpful and made me feel really comfortable. We have definitely lost a fantastic yoga teacher!

Emma W, student @ Bikram Yoga Basel