Photography by Adam Echa

My Path of Yoga

I remember my parents taking me to a yoga studio when I was 14 years old. I was annoyed by my dad's snoring in Savasana and embarrassed by my mom's sighs. I left convinced that yoga was for old people.

Fast forward a few years; I found myself in New York, out of money, and looking for a way to replace my expensive dance classes with a more affordable version of body training. I ended up going to donation based yoga.

I was practicing for training purposes and worked each pose as hard as I could. The harder, the better, or so I thought. One day in class my mind found stillness just for a second or so - powerful.


No thoughts.

It changed everything.

As soon as I started to let go, the universe unfolded a path for me.

It brought me to a place where I would find mentors and friends who challenged me to do teacher training. 

It opened the doors to studios where I would teach my first regular classes and it provided me with students I could learn from and colleagues to inspire me.

The more time I spent with my body, the more convinced I became that our bodies are wild animals our minds seek to tame. But to tame one must first break that wild spirit. Only when we accept and love our bodies as the wild nature they are, can we change the dynamics from mind over body, to mind with body. In a relationship built on trust, the mind and body can work together in a synchronized effort to take us to places we thought out of our reach.

I am forever grateful to OM Factory for pushing me with love, to Sanapurna for being the first place I taught back in Switzerland, to B.Yoga for letting me learn, grow and shine in your shalas, to Bikram Yoga Basel for opening my mind to new things, to Loosloo Yoga for being open to my teaching style and for trusting in my abilities.